The Awakening

Project, Music and Arrangements

by Claudia Bombardela with:

Claudia Bombardella

voice, baritone saxophone, clarinets

String Quintet

Francesca Macchione -  Violin, voice

Eleonora Macchione -  Violin, voice

Matilde Orsecci -  Bass viol

Weronika Kulpa - Cello

Riccardo Ragno - Bass

Choir "Animae Voces"    

Choir's Director: Edoardo Materassi

The path leading from our dreams to our conscious presence in the world is a path of initiation which has implications for all humanity nowadays. From an apparent stilness ... an agitation ensues, a confusion: a deep inner revolution that breaks up the illusory world created by fear and by the pyramids of power. Power returns to each individual, to a collective consciousness, bringing the possibility to create, to contribute to, and form part of, beauty.

And so the concert leads us through this process of initiation (individually and as a chorus) with the stimulus of great poets who always invite us to 'see' (E.Dickinson, R.M.Rilke, J.Racine, Rumi...) - through a variety of musical styles, epochs and cultures. We get a taste of the infinity diversity of the creative potential of the human being.

© 2014 - claudia bombardella

The Awakening

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