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Workshop at Namest Nad Oslavou (Rep. Ceka) - Folk Festival Holiday 2006

Photos by Jiri Polehla e Leona Davidova

An immersion into the world of voice

Claudia Bombardella's workshops

IWhen one has the opportunity of getting to know one's own voice - with the aim to improve and develop our singing capacities, or simply in order to become acquainted with the instrument called 'our voice' - the potential is there to learn about the mysterious world of us HUMAN BEINGS: our capacity to vibrate and resonate with the external world. When we are conscious about our own voice it becomes possible to amplify our perception of ourselves through a channel that goes beyond the common way of thinking - we are able to look beyond the narrow scope of our individuality, opening up to a comprehension and an awareness of ourselves - and others - that is much wider.

Our larynx is, in its constitution, an extremely sensitive receptive organ. Together with its capacity for vocal emissions, our larynx establishes a connection with every other function in the system called 'human being' in every one of its fields: physiological, emotional and energetic.

Claudia Bombardella's workshops aim at:

- people interested in discovering, researching and developing the potentialities in their own voice: its unitary quality while at the same time its plasticity as our most immediate means of expression and communication.

- people who need to talk a lot (teachers, etc) and are developing problems in their vocal chords.

- musicians (singers or instrumentalists) interested in developing their expressive and creative musical capacities.

No previous musical training is required, nor any capacity or knowledge in particular. Just simple curiosity and love for researching. The work is done within a group, but it will be more an inner path than an aesthetic endeavor. This enables people of very different backgrounds and levels to work together and learn from each other.

We work at a physical, emotional and mental level, through exercises and stimulus that will put us in deep contact with 'what is' and our 'possible being' with no judgement. We shall develop our auditive capacities, our perception, and our pure observational powers. In this way we will be able to express ourselves in a more 'natural' and real way. We shall become aware of the mechanisms that regulate our human system.

Group and invididual activities are developed. At first the aim is to acquire deep contact with our 'own' sound. Further on several aspects can be dealt with, such as:

        Listening to our vibrational body, its resounding parts, its points of support.

    .   Exploring our oral cavity, our larynx and its connections with the rest of

        our body.

        . The sound in space, inner and outer resonance, development of timbre  qualities.

        Study, observation and analysis of simple musical structures such as melody, the sense of a phrase, breathing, creative experimentation at the service of a melody, or one's own expressive demands.

         Analysis of a harmonic/rhythmic context; awareness of what happens when two or more sounds meet, both from the point of view of musical tension-distension as from the angle of inner resonance (emotional and cultural). In this way we explore the eventual similarities and differences between various cultures.

Claudia  Bombardella's Curriculum:

“ ... Between 1999 and 2000 she learnt vocal expression with Kaya Anderson. She then wrote and taught music together with Kaya Anderson at the Creative Voice Laboratories of the Roy Hart Theatre in Malerargues, Montpellier, France.

Between 2006-2007 she studied vocal technique following the functional method, at the Lichtenberg School, Dortmund, Germany.

2001-2002: she imparts creativity classes (voice and movement) in a Counselling Seminar at the Arcobaleno Association, Luca, Italy

Since 2001 she is intensely involved with research on vocality and creativity, voice and health. She teaches in Italy, France, Spain and Czech Republic. She follows a path of immersion in sound that activates an increasingly subtle awareness of our own vibratory and resounding potentials.

Since 2008 she teaches vocality at the Longo-Bellesi Studio, Florence, Italy.

Since 2009 and to 2011 she is responsible for the Creative Composition course within the Master of Fine Arts degree at the Academy of Art, Arezzo, Italy.

For any information on courses and workshops in English-speaking countries,

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