Dance of the Fingers

Claudia Bombardella and Silvio Trotta  

Claudia Bombardella

voice, baritone saxophone, clarinets, acordion, steel drum

Silvio Trotta

classic guitar, bouzouki, percussion guitar, mandolin guitar, voice

This on-going project lead by Claudia Bombardella and Silvio Trotta takes us towards an exploration of different musical and cultural spheres, specially of the Mediterranean tradition. They ceaselessly travel from one country to  another in a flowing musical metamorphosis: they somersault and deliver eclectic virtuosism between different and remote historical periods.

Both musicians rigorously respect the styles of the different civilizations they traverse. They keep the spirit of each culture intact, while retaining great freedom of expression and the power to elaborate.  The delicacy of the voice flutters between the styles leaving empty spaces in-between - it plays with the most varied timbric expressions in a continued dialogue with the instruments. In this way the concert progresses throughout spaces of great harmony (passionate melodies from the Italian tradition, also Hebraic, Armenian, Hungarian….). Sometimes territories are trodden that express tense or failed encounters between strong Dithyrambic Balcanic rhythms, or rhythms from the French Brittany … even a Fellinian movie scene is reminisced.     

In this fashion the artists’ fingers dance over the instruments, running one after another, clashing among them, intertwining with each other in liberty or  quite seriously, as their juglers demand. They narrate archetypal musical stories, traditional dances (Tarantellas, Balatas, Ningun, Onga, Scottish …) and healing chants; love songs and songs for waiting, ritual dances for celebrations …

Silvio Trotta

Born in Capracotta (Italy) he is a self-taught string specialist, in particular guitar and bass. He played in several pop groups until 1976, when his present interest in traditional music took off. He learned the techniques of popular traditional music in Italy for string instruments (mandolin, mandole and mandolincello) as well as percussion guitar.

Together with Stefano Tartaglia, Franco Giusti and Marika Spiezia he founded the Musicanti del Piccolo Borgo quartet.  They research popular vocal music in Central and South Italy. They propose re-elaborating this treasure and re-launching projects based on it. He has featured more than 500 concerts with this quartet, participating in virtually every ethnic music festival in Italy and other countries.

Press review : “… a double encounter for those who love music next July 28, 2011 at Loano in the context of the Sounds of Tradition Award. The musicians who performed yesterday find the concept of traditional music limitative. [We are talking about] he duet formed by poli-instrumentalist Claudia Bombardella (baritone saxophone, clarinets, accordion, Indian harmonium, steel drum and voice) and Silvio Trotta (mandolin, mandole guitar, classic guitar, percussion guitar, drums and voice). 

Claudia and Silvio set in motion a veritable trip all over the world. From Armenia to Asturias through Sicily, Toscane, Eastern Europe, French Brittany .... a display of languages and sounds that impacts  the audience. It’s a complex project, made for those who do not love excessively poluted music or seek beautiful melodies. Music lovers accepting 360º full-degree music will do well in finding pyrotechnical Claudia in You Tube. Obviously one can also buy her CDs, published by RadiciMusic in their usual exquisite way including their extraordinary graphic design ...       

Alfredo Sgarlato for

CROSSROADS AT LOANO  “… a bit in the opposite way poli-instrumentalist Claudia Bombardella (in a duet with string-expert Silvio Trotta) moves in a full-globe landscape. Standing in a jungle of instruments (baritone saxophone, clarinets, harmonium, Caribbean steel drum, accordion ….) Claudia and Silvio ‘invent’ traditions, place them one on top of another and mix them ranging from Hungary to Mongolia through Gargano (Italy): a path differing from World Music, more syncretic and associative. Many of us had never experienced such art.


Our congratulations to RadiciMusic Records, the Toscan label led by CD-maker  Aldo Coppola Neri. A company that creates its CDs like a luthier creates instruments: just a few at a time, delicately finished, with a wonderful sound….”.

Jacopo Tomatis for “Il Giornale della Musica”

28 luglio ‘11 Premio Città di Loano  photo by Annalisa Scarsellini

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