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Claudia Bombardella

An eclectic Italian musician, multi-instrumentalist and singer. Born in Luxembourg she started playing the saxophone at an early age – then studied many other instruments and in particular the uses of her voice. She imparts  voice seminars in different countries of Europe.

For years now she has composed and arranged all music performed during her exhibitions including ambitious formations like orchestras and choirs. She has performed all over Europe, recorded 8 CDs with several musical formations and authors the music for three films. Since ten years ago she is intensively researching voice and creativity, imparting seminars in different European countries. 

In 2008 she was granted the Teresa Viarengo Award. Her CD “Un Mondo Fra le Mani” [A World In Our Hands] was granted two quality stamps: the FBIS from the Italian magazine “Folk Bulletin” and a ‘Bravo!’ from the French “Trad Magazine”. In 2008 she achieved a 6th. position in the Loano City National Award rank of the best Italian ethnic music CDs published. In 2009 she ranked  208th. at the WMCE European classification.

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“In this research project we cannot separate vocal from instrumental work or compositional: all these years they have evolved in a parallel way, mutually influencing and reinforcing. There’s no search of the new, but instead an attempt to grant ample space and freedom for the most agile instrument – the human voice. Voices quests old and new words belonging to the languages of very different peoples on Earth – and thus become instruments.  

       A voice liberates itself from rhythm – even though it is part of it – but it will search its own path, launching into Pindaric flights – occasionally opening, or becoming very small, intimately seeking an expressive synthesis. A voice resounds with the other instruments, becoming full of their tones and qualities – establishing with them a dialogue which is extremely simple, sometimes leaning on them to narrate little stories. In sum, this is a very delicate research, stimulating and full of happiness – full of surprises at every step. The world of a voice is constantly moving and changing – and with it also our sensitivity and our capacity to listen.“
Claudia Bombardella
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6/10 agosto

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